Logo for the Western PA College Success Roundtable

Join the next Western PA College Success Roundtable Meeting  on Thursday, March 2nd at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) in Homestead, PA, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Pre-college STEM programs (PCSPs) have long supported underrepresented students’ academic and personal development, but the programs’ collective potential for filling equity gaps in STEM higher education has not yet been fully realized. PCSPs work closely with high school students and have a unique perspective on students’ STEM competencies that could be potentially useful to admissions offices.

The STEM PUSH Network brings over 40 of these programs from across the country to work together to strengthen their own capacity to equitably recruit and serve Black, Latina/o/e, and Indigenous students and then leverage their collective power through research and joint action to create more equitable admissions practices in STEM undergraduate study.

On March 2nd meet the STEM PUSH Network hub and several of its Pittsburgh pre-college STEM program partners. Learn about the STEM PUSH Network strategy, how the Remake Learning is supporting the work as a learning ecosystem, and the range of STEM opportunities local PCSPs provide. All meeting attendees will work collaboratively to explore intersections of their own work and communities with the pre-college programs and STEM PUSH’s strategic approach to making systemic change for equity.