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Unique and valuable learning resources and assets exist in every community across the country and around the world! These include not only schools, early learning providers, libraries, museums, parks, zoos, afterschool providers, universities and community colleges — places and partners that often come to mind when we think about learning — but also laundromats, art or yoga studios, health care and housing providers, and businesses, which are community assets that can be leveraged to strengthen a local learning ecosystem. Remake Learning represents a growing movement of local, state and regional leaders who are working to weave together and celebrate the resources that already exist, and to ensure equitable access to them for all community members. The goal is to develop a learning landscape that can reach and engage children and families where they are through hands-on learning opportunities. Remake Learning isn’t about creating something new; it is about celebrating and enhancing the innovations and creativity that already exist in a community!

Join the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading on February 21, from 12:30−2 p.m. ET, for a Funder-to-Funder Conversation exploring the roles that funders can play to enhance their local learning landscapes by building innovative networks for teaching and learning. A panel of philanthropic leaders will discuss:

  • How Remake Learning nurtures a community’s existing assets to strengthen its learning ecosystem.
  • Why this community-wide approach is especially relevant in today’s fast-paced digital age.
  • How this approach can be applied in a wide range of communities — urban, rural and suburban.
  • What roles funders can play in engaging partners and building demand for new approaches to learning among parents, caregivers and educators.
  • How funders can host a Remake Learning Days pop-up event in your community this spring.

After the devastating learning loss caused by the pandemic, ensuring that children have access to robust and engaging learning opportunities across their communities is more important than ever. Join in to learn how!


Photos of Gregg Behr (The Grable Foundation), Melanie Claxton (Benedum Foundation), and Connor LaGrange (The Patterson Foundation)