Remake Learning Days

Join the Remake Learning Days team for this webinar to learn why and how to submit your Pop-Up Event.

The primary goal of Remake Learning Days is to create authentic, multi-generational experiences for parents and caregivers to truly take an active part in the future of learning, as it’s happening right now, on the ground, in their very own schools, museums, libraries, and community organizations. We want to connect families to the trusted people in their own communities who are finding new ways to create engaging, relevant, equitable learning experiences for the 21st century and beyond.

Even if you might not be one of the participating regions for the 2023 festival, we still encourage organizations to submit events as a Pop-Up Event.  Events should be hands-on and engaging learning events for youth and their families.  Or, if you are in one of the participating regions but want to host an event outside of your region’s festival dates, we welcome you to submit your event as a Pop-Up