Remake Learning is in search of a working group lead for the Pittsburgh Regional STE(A)M Ecosystem, one of Remake Learning’s longest standing working groups. Candidates may include independent contractors, regional organizations with STEAM expertise, and national organizations with STEAM expertise.

The Remake Learning STE(A)M Ecosystem Working Group focuses on how the region can expand opportunities and enhance the quality in STEM and STEAM learning across the region.

Responsibilities of the STE(A)M Ecosystem Working Group Lead include:

  • Maintain and expand membership in the STE(A)M Ecosystem Working Group; Conduct ongoing outreach with current and potential working group members, connecting members when beneficial.
  • Onboard new members, which might require informational meetings and conducting follow-up.
  • Host quarterly working group meetings open to the entire network, which can include a mix of general working group meetings and meetings focused on a particular topic.
  • Host 1-2 lunch-and-learns or meetups with a STEAM-focused topic.
  • Work with the Remake Learning communications team to create and send bi-monthly Mailchimp newsletters to working group participants.
  • Attend monthly project update meetings with the working group strategist.
  • Respond to emails from the Remake Learning core team and inquiries from network members on a weekly basis.
  • Represent Remake Learning in national networks, including the National STEAM Ecosystem.
  • Engage weekly on the PGH STEM Facebook group.
  • Co-represent Remake Learning in the PA STEM Statewide Ecosystem (PSSE).
  • Support Remake Learning’s efforts as a part of the NSF STEM PUSH Project.
  • Attend and represent the working group at key Remake Learning events, including the Remake Learning Assembly and Remake Learning Days.
  • Coordinate website updates with the director of communications.

Ideal candidates will have experience in facilitation, strong project management skills, and a general understanding of STEAM learning.

Time Commitment: It is anticipated that the time required to successfully lead a working group, as outlined in the responsibilities above, is 25-35 hours per month. Time commitments may vary based on the time of year.

Interested parties should submit a resume and cover letter by January 5, 2023 to with the subject line “STEAM Ecosystem Lead.”

Your cover letter should include:

  • A description of your approach to building relationships between diverse groups of people to encourage collaboration.
  • The steps you would take to plan and host a successful STEAM Working Group meeting during Q1 of 2023. A successful meeting will:
  • Engage existing members both socially and professionally
    Welcome newcomers who are interested in joining the group
    Build momentum towards a group project or collaboration
  • Details about how you’ve engaged with the Remake Learning Network in the past (membership/prior engagement in Remake Learning is preferred but not mandatory)

Questions can be emailed to