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Following years of virtual schooling for students, severe understaffing and overwork for teachers, and cataclysmic changes to education as we know it brought on the pandemic, where do we go from here?

Teachers have innovated. Students have persevered. Education leaders have pushed for policies to build a better future that demands more emphasis on social-emotional learning, career readiness, and changes to schools, the workforce, and life beyond it.

But what now? Schools That Can is bringing together 3 prominent education reform thought leaders to discuss the answer to this question:

    • John B. King Jr., President of The Education Trust & Former U.S. Secretary of Education
    • Norman Atkins, CEO, Together Education; Founder/Former CEO/Board Chair, Uncommon Schools
    • Dr. David Steiner, Former NY State Commissioner of Education, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy.

This conversation will tackle critical questions, including…

  • What did the pandemic change about education reform?
  • What are two key priorities for education reform?
  • What are the key factors driving a need for school reform, and how does that reform stand to better serve students and educators?
  • Where does the need for work-based learning experiences fit into school reform?
  • What’s the future of education reform? Where do we go from here?

This event is free, virtual, and open to the public.