Did you know:
  • The Esports industry has exceeded $1 billion;
  • Over 170 Universities now offer Esports degrees, including the University of California Irvine, and Harrisburg University,  among others.
  • Esports can provide a path to degrees in STEM thru gaming.
Are you interested in helping your students understand their strengths as the basis of their career exploration journey? Are you interested in starting an Esports Club?  Emerald Esports has an exciting opportunity for your students participating in your Emerald Esports-affiliated club to participate in our Esports Explore! TM career mentorship pilot in the Fall of 2022.
The Emerald Foundation was awarded a PASmart Advancing CS/STEM grant from the PA Department of Education to leverage student interest in esports and infuse learning into it. One of the components of this grant was to create a virtual, no-cost career exploration pilot program for schools through their Emerald Esports affiliated clubs.
The program’s goal is to mentor students to understand their core competencies better so that they become open-minded to possible career options that they may not have been exposed to or considered before.
Come to this info session to learn all about starting a club as well as getting mentors for your current club!