The Teacher Enrichment Program will be hosting a virtual College & Career Panel for High School Science, Math, and Career and Technical Education teachers in West Virginia.

Join the Center for Excellence in Education on October 18th for a webinar exploring a variety of topics that illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of STEM and the real-world applications of STEM skills. Educators, guidance counselors, students and community members are welcome to join us on an exploration of how STEM topics and skills intersect with our modern lives.

College & Career Panels brings together high school STEM teachers with two scientists or engineers who to talk about their research/work. This unique opportunity is designed to improve teachers’ ability to provide students a context of how science is applied in the real world and to pique student interest in STEM careers in the region. Session speakers share their career path and their research. They may share a demonstration, hands-on activity, model, video, or simulation; highlight the job skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field; and share any outreach opportunities that may be available for teachers and/or their students through the company or university.


  • Danielle Linsenbigler, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, West Virginia University.
  • Brock Reesburg, Production Engineering Manager, Grey Lock Energy