Through its Center for Shared Prosperity, Carnegie Mellon University will fund up to—but not to exceed—$75,000 to consultants or nonprofit service providers in Southwestern Pennsylvania to design and pilot training materials that we will use with every Center team as they create plans and launch projects to create social justice in Pittsburgh. This training material should address key topics that empower the planning committee in their efforts to dismantle economic, cultural, social, and structural barriers that prevent under-resourced communities from thriving.
Establish approaches and strategies to help C3 teams develop authentic relationships and work in equal partnership with diverse communities.

  • Introduce C3 teams to decision-building models to plan effective meetings, lead collaborative processes, and build commitment for decision implementation. Facilitate a consensus decision-making process, and work with CSP facilitators to establish guidelines for use with C3 teams.
  • Design training to equip all C3 members with a shared understanding of equity, power, advocacy, and organizing.
  • Collaborate with Center for Shared Prosperity (CSP) facilitators to run a pilot using the above-created tools in concert with C3 project planning and execution.
  • Refine developed materials based on pilot results, then train CSP facilitators to weave successful practices into all upcoming C3 projects.
  • Synthesize and recommend resources for deeper study of power dynamics (visible, hidden, and invisible power) and dismantling institutional, systemic, and structural inequities for use with the C3 project’s launch planning committees and, following launch planning, with all teams that launch each C3 project.