Hatch Partners in Play is looking for someone who:

  • Understands the critical developmental significance of play, values play as the primary mode of learning for young children, honors and protects every child’s right to play, everyday
  • Dedicated to improving issues of inequity in our public education system 
  • Knowledgeable of inclusive, anti-bias educational practices
  • Respects all children  and interacts with children, other Hatch staff, and families in a empathic, compassionate, kind way 
  • Cares about and values each child’s unique perspective, ideas, interests, and preferences 
  • Is a  learner and open to feedback and suggestions from their fellow educators and Hatch team 
  • Is interested in observing children at work/play and use that information to design play provocations, experiences, and environments that reflect the children’s work
  • Is interested in creating a beautiful, inspiring environment to be a part of each day and work to present materials and environments to children thoughtfully 
  • Captures moments of joy, humor , learning, engagement, and surprise through photo and written documentation and reflect/Initiate thoughtful dialogue with caregivers/parents about each child’s experience
  • Is flexible and comfortable working in a child-centered environment. Emphasis placed on flexibility, choice, autonomy for all during uninterrupted periods of child-led play
  • Assists with daily, weekly, monthly routines to support Playlab and partner classrooms such as prepping materials, ordering supplies, clean up, and photo documentation.

The job involves lifting up to 40 lbs, sitting on the floor, and moving about the classroom and outdoor space in order to support children. This position is $20.00/hr. Hatch Partners in Play is committed to building a diverse staff and strongly encourage applications from candidates of color. 

Please send resume to hello@hatchpgh.com with subject line Playlab  Educator