Every year, Project Invent invites innovative educators to join them for a one-year Fellowship experience. Fellows help empower students to design solutions to local community challenges and then pitch their ideas on a national stage.

Project Invent Fellows receive:

  • 4 days of intensive training in design thinking, making, and entrepreneurship
  • connections to community partners, experts, and professionals to provide students with authentic feedback and guidance
  • access to national pitch events for students to demonstrate learning and vie for funding
  • membership in a national community of disruptive educators
  • one-on-one staff support, available on a weekly basis

So they can:

  • develop teaching practices — like being a co-learner, leaving room for exploration, and making failure okay — that foster innovative
  • attitudes in young people
  • build bridges between the classroom and the world beyond, providing students with long-lasting ecosystems of support
  • transform learning environments from test-taking to change-making

Project Invent is now accepting applications from any middle or high school educator in North America who is ready to learn and grow with their national community of change-makers!

Please note that this program is offered free of charge to any educators teaching in Title I eligible schools.