Real World Scholars (RWS) is excited to announce that EdCorps applications for the ‘22-’23 school year are now open!

An Education Corporation (EdCorp) is a student-run business that sells products or services to real customers, in-person and online (under the RWS umbrella), and directs profits back to their business, classroom, and/or causes they care about.

More than 48,000 students across the country have launched over 550 EdCorps in classrooms and clubs – kindergarten through high school. These classrooms span 34 states, with communities in San Diego, Pittsburgh, Chattanooga, St. Louis, and beyond.

EdCorps is open to K-12 classrooms and clubs across the U.S. that want to engage in experiential learning projects. Although applications are accepted year-round, spots and seed funding are limited.

What’s included:

  • Seed Funding Micro-Grants: Each EdCorps receives seed funding through a third-party platform called ClassWallet to get their business started. This gives teachers the ability to get the supplies they need, with ease and transparency.
  • Entrepreneurial Toolkits: Hands-on 5-step toolkits have been designed to support the entrepreneurial learning and business-building process. When toolkits are approved, students unlock funding bonuses to grow their business further.
  • EdCorps Dashboard: The backbone of the EdCorps experience, the dashboard allows each classroom to run an e-commerce business under the RWS nonprofit umbrella, allowing them to operate like a real business with all of the learning and less of the liability.
  • Programmatic Support: Sales tax, URLs, technical support – that’s what RWS does. They handle the operational stuff so teachers can focus on the student experience.