The University of Pittsburgh is seeking a Project Manager for the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center (HCC) Summer Academy Student Program.

Candidate will manage and coordinate the HCC Summer Academy Program, which offers regional and national students the opportunity to participate in an eight-week didactic and experimental scientific-focused learning experience sites across the University campus. Each site provides students with the opportunity to spend time each day in a research mentor’s laboratory to develop a circumscribed research project that is presented in a poster session and oral presentation at the end of the eight-week experience.

Project Manager duties include for both the Hillman Academy and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Education and Training (CCET): managing all aspects of the program including marketing and outreach, such as designing posters and pamphlets for distribution to teachers throughout the community to recruit new students for the programs (Pittsburgh Public Schools, SciTech, etc); creation of syllabi for the scientific programs; processing of applications and communicating with students prior to the start of the program; processing all paperwork required for faculty and summer students as required by University policy; coordination and monitoring all aspects of the student schedules; coordinating the recruitment of faculty and volunteers who will provide research experiences for the students; coordination of all program activities; prepare and manage budget and expenses for the program as well as budgets for new grant proposals; coordination of progress report preparation, including writing, editing, and submission to the funding agencies each year when the program ends; develop content, maintain and update the Summer Academy Website, write grants to local foundations and other organizations to solicit funding to support the program and to solicit sponsorship support for students.