AI (artificial intelligence) is an intelligence multiplier the same way that industrial machines are muscle multipliers. As AI gets better, it will allow people to do more, faster and better, in just about every field of work. Though the development of new AI methods remains the province of highly trained researchers, everyone is already interacting with AI daily, so it’s important for adults and students to develop an understanding of how AI works and how to use it well.

The goal of this workshop is to get hands-on experience working with AI. Participants will learn about the types of AI models used to detect objects in images by training an AI model to detect different stuffed animals. They’ll then use this model to control a Finch Robot that does simple tasks based on the code they’ve written. Participants will walk away with a lesson that can be completed in as few as 3 class sessions in any middle or high school computer science class. The lesson itself does not require access to a Finch Robot. No previous experience with AI or robotics is expected, though some experience with blocks-based coding is recommended. 

Participants should bring a laptop with a working camera and any stuffed animals they have access to. Organizers will provide robots, extra stuffed animals, and an afternoon snack!

This workshop is limited to the first 25 registrants.