The ABC CREATE STEAM Show & Tell 2022 features two days of online, “Show & Tell” sessions demonstrating innovative teaching practices and tools that help to “Make the Connection” to STEAM! Each Show & Tell session is brief (anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes), casual, and relevant.

On Day 1, Cultural Connections, educators will show how embedding STEAM and technology into the Arts, World Languages, and Humanities adds depth, relevance, and perspective to the learning experiences of local teens.

  • Through the lens of a high school Fine Arts educator, explore and discuss cross-disciplinary intersections and possibilities with STEAM, technology, Arts, etc.  
  • A panel discussion featuring World Language teachers from several districts will highlight ways in which these educators integrate STEAM into the World Language classrooms — building future ready skills and global competence.

On Day 2, Playful Connections, three regional educators will Show & Tell how they playfully infuse STEAM learning into their 3rd-8th grade classrooms:

  • Local students share their experience with the Games for Change Student Challenge, a game design competition that invites students to make digital games about issues impacting their communities.
  • Using 3-D modeling and a variety of 3-D printing projects including engineered kinetic sculptures and Underground Railroad symbols, elementary students learn from mistakes, apply math skills, and integrate other technologies.
  • Students apply what they learn about using sensors and servo motors in a  “jump scare” Hummingbird project.

Make sure to visit the ABC CREATE STEAM Show & Tell 2022 website to learn more about these Show & Tell sessions and to register for Cultural Connections, Playful Connections, or both!

Cultural Connections: Wednesday, May 11th, 6:00 PM – 7:30-ish PM
Playful Connections: Thursday, May 12th,  6:00 PM – 7:30-ish PM