PennState New Kensington

Are you an educator who’s been playing around with Finches or Hummingbirds (either independently or after some training) and want to run some ideas past others, about how to integrate these technologies into the classroom? Or are you an educator who has already integrated Finches or Hummingbirds into your classroom and want to share or support others in developing their lessons?

If either of these hit home (or is even in the ballpark!), please join ABC Create on Wednesday, April 27 in-person at the Penn State New Kensington Art Gallery.

Peer engagement is so valuable when beginning to introduce STEAM technologies and skills into everyday teaching and learning, so attendees will also get plenty of time for thinking, coaching, supporting, and planning (plus a bit of laughing and snacking!).

This event is designed to be casual, interactive, relevant, and productive. This will be a great opportunity to move any STEAM integration plan forward; attendees may even be able to walk out with a classroom set to borrow to put to use right away!