SHAPE MATTERS is a 10-day summer professional development workshop that will include in-person and virtual activities for Pennsylvanian secondary life science and chemistry teachers in collaboration with science education faculty from the Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS) and research scientists from the Penn State College of Medicine and the Eberly College of Science.

Teachers will engage in techniques such as crystallization, structure determination, and modeling using the molecular visualization software, JUDE (Jmol web version), to explore molecular stories related to human health. Teachers will work with the SHAPE MATTERS team to co-construct a molecular modeling research project for their classroom. The research project will support student participation in the SMART teams program.

 Target audience:

  • Secondary life science and chemistry teachers

 Participation Benefits:

  • $600 stipend for participating during the summer
  • $1,500 stipend for implementation of a molecular modeling research project in the classroom
  • Over $2,000 of lab and molecular modeling materials for the classroom
  • Invitation to bring students to present molecular modeling projects at the SMART teams symposium
  • Act 48 credit is available upon request

Apply By:

  • April 15

For any questions, please contact Amber Cesare at