Trib Total Media is offering two scholarships for local students and educators to explore: the Scholarship for Diversity in Media and the Jim Borden Memorial Scholarship.

The Scholarship for Diversity in Media is designed to award exceptionally talented Journalism, Communication, or English Writing students who are culturally, ethnically, or racially diverse. Minorities have been traditionally under-represented in newsrooms but Trib Total Media believes that all voices need to be heard and varied cultural perspectives need to be shared. Through this scholarship, they are encouraging promising young journalists from diverse backgrounds to pursue a career in the news industry and bring diversity to local media.

The Jim Borden Memorial Scholarship is focused on the development of young reporters, helping them grow as journalists and as people. The scholarship will award financial assistance, a paid summer internship, and ultimately, an offer for full-time employment, to Western Pennsylvania students.

Both scholarships include a guaranteed yearly internship with Trib Total Media and, upon graduation, an offer for full-time employment.

Qualified applicants can apply online.