In this engaging workshop from the Consortium for Public Education, participants will explore project-based learning (PBL) virtually (online) through both live Zoom workshop sessions and recorded overviews of each element.

Recorded explainer videos average 8-10 minutes per topic. Additional online resources will also be made available to participants via the Consortium’s Canvas LMS, which they may access and use as needed (e.g., suggested human-centered design methods to aid with brainstorming, feedback, etc.).

This training also includes an application component; as participants work through the training modules and live sessions, they will create a draft project plan. Once completed, each educator will have an outline for a PBL project upon which to build.

In addition to the 9:00 am – 12:00 pm sessions, Zoom office hours will be offered to participants on a flexible basis to review recorded content and project planning (answer questions, provide feedback, assist educators with developing their projects).

Consortium staff will be available, as needed, to provide ongoing feedback and support to the participating educators throughout their first PBL project. Consortium wants to make sure that PBL works for you and your students, and they will be there to support you in your instructional journey!