Wind power is one of the fastest growing energy resources in the United States today. In this workshop, educators will engage in virtual wind turbine modeling activities that will introduce them to the science behind wind energy while putting easy-to-use tools in their hands.

Activities include investigations of turbine blade designs and turbine placement in a wind farm. These investigations are powerful vehicles to expose students to “difficult-to-hold-onto” concepts like energy conversion and transfer, electricity generation, and our energy future.

Participants will leave this workshop with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to introduce students to wind energy concepts and can use the activities from the workshop with students to get them excited about the KidWind Challenge.

Target Audience: Teachers of students grades 4-12

This workshop is FREE to all educators and is aligned to the PA Science and Technology standards, Engineering Education Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

For more information: Contact Amber Cesare at 814-867-1323 or email