Join the #LearningPlanet Festival and celebrate the International Day of Education, January 22-29, 2022! This year’s Festival includes a rich program of local events and online activities, which focus on learning to take care of oneself, others, and the planet through fostering a culture of hope, collective engagement, and sustainability.

Co-creation is at the core of this global event, and it features a wide range of organizations alongside the #LearningPlanet community. The Festival itself is an open platform to celebrate and share projects and achievements and to co-create better futures together. The Festival is open to passionate learners of all ages — youth, teachers, educators, artists, scientists, social entrepreneurs, policymakers, and more.

Check out the program overview below and stay tuned as the calendar continues to evolve!

The multi-day program is designed to give, each day, an accent to a topic that is at the core of the #LearningPlanet initiative. There are also elements of these tracks that appear regularly throughout the week.

  • January 22: The official launch of the Festival with #LearningPlanet founders CRI and UNESCO.
  • January 22 – 23: Two days dedicated to youth empowerment, to activate and advance youth’s initiatives, dreams and aspirations, featuring the #LearningPlanet Youth Council and Fellows, AIME Mentoring, The Dais, KIDsforSDGs, Youth by Youth and other partners.
  • January 24: Celebrating the International Day of Education: This day celebrates learning throughout life, showcasing all the contributions from our global community of educators, influencers and activists, and sharing new narratives for the future of learning.
  • January 25: Learning for Sustainability: Boosting learning for sustainability and enhancing education initiatives through conferences and co-created sessions with the Club of Rome,, Earthshot, EIT Climate KIC, The World’s Largest Lesson, and other partners.
  • January 26: Transitions in Education: Key highlights include a #LearningPlanet Transitions in Higher Education hackathon notably with Ashoka U and Dartington Hall, roundtables on learning cities and ecosystems, and more.
  • January 27: New Models for Social Change: A series of events with social entrepreneurs from various networks such as Ashoka and Catalyst 2030 to design new approaches in sectors such as education, well-being, healthcare, and beyond.
  • January 28: Arts for Education: Understanding the key role art plays in supporting and stimulating development in learners of all ages. The day features interactive workshops and activities led notably by the Community Arts Network (CAN) and the REAL School Budapest.
  • January 29, and onwards: The learning and exploring never stops! There will be a selection of youth empowerment events — stay tuned for more information.