The Learning Engineering Tools Competition 2021 (“Tools Competition”) is a multi-million dollar prize challenge to leverage technology, data, and learning science to meet the urgent needs of learners across generations. This year’s Tools Competition will offer $4 million in prize awards – more than double the previous year – and will be one of the largest ed tech competitions ever convened. This year’s Tools Competition is sponsored by Schmidt Futures, Citadel Founder and CEO Ken Griffin, the Walton Family Foundation, the Siegel Family Endowment, the Overdeck Family Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Learning Engineering Tools Competition invites technologists, digital learning platforms, researchers, students and teachers from around the globe to propose innovative tools or technologies that address one of the pressing challenges in education.

The multi-phased selection process provides competitors time for ideation, team-building, and project refinement. The organizers will award $4 million in prizes.

Each proposal will be evaluated on five criteria:

  • Potential impact and likelihood to improve learning
  • Attention to equity to support learning of historically marginalized populations
  • Ability to support rapid experimentation and continuous improvement
  • Ability to scale to additional users and/or domains
  • Team passion, and readiness to execute

Proposals will be considered relative to submissions within the same track.

To encourage both new entrants, as well as developing and established platforms, competitors can request an award in one of two prize bands and name a specific amount within their selected range. Proposals requesting larger amounts will be subject to a higher bar for the evaluation criteria.

Competition organizers will take the requested reward into account, but the final prize is at the discretion of the judges and the competition organizers. In some instances, competition organizers may increase the maximum prize.

In addition to the prize funds, winners will have the opportunity to connect with prominent education researchers, edtech leaders, and representatives of large philanthropic organizations to scale their work.