Join BUILD’s Design Challenge – a fun, online experience that gives teachers and students the hands-on skills they’ll need to think and act like an entrepreneur. BUILD’s Design Challenge is culturally responsive, project-based digital content that inspires entrepreneurial innovation with Black and Latinx youth.

This Design Challenge empowers students to take action as they work to develop innovative solutions for their communities. Students are guided through the entire Design Thinking process on a new digital platform. The Challenge is delivered by a trained educator and BUILD provides all training and materials for students and schools.

The content was created to empower youth nationwide and give them a sense of self-agency. They explore stories of diverse people living in our communities then work collaboratively in teams to propose innovative solutions.

The design thinking journey takes students through the following process:

  • Empathize – Walk in a client’s shoes and document the experience
  • Define – State your client’s needs and problems
  • Ideate – Dream up solutions to your client’s challenges
  • Prototype – Create a model of your solution
  • Test – Try your solution with others
  • Pitch – Present your idea for potential cash prizes and bragging rights