“Youth Voice” is an ongoing community of young people, organizations, and adults who work together, forge long-lasting relationships, and commit to one of the most powerful assets of the future–youth power!

This is a free, open, virtual event to meet with educators, youth, activists, caregivers, and community organizations who advocate and work for justice in teaching and learning spaces. Youth Voice organizations and young people here in the greater Pittsburgh region and across the country are welcome and warmly encouraged to attend.

Youth Voice will begin their “affinity group” process with some definitions of Youth Voice, a round-robin of who’s-who and what’s-what, and ideate on a community-building process for the 2021-22 academic year.

Please email Anneliese Martinez with any questions, accessibility requests, concerns, or comfort notes.

The PittEd Justice Collective is a three-year working group at the School of Education that is engaged in anti-racist,  justice-directed initiatives with students, staff, faculty, alumni, families, youth, and district and community partners.