Building on the bold, experimental work of the Tomorrow Grants and an energizing first round of funding, Remake Learning is excited to announce the return of Moonshot Grants in June 2021.

Moonshot Grants will support big, bold ideas in teaching and learning, ideas that address the challenges and the opportunities currently facing young people, educators, and caregivers.

As we continue to respond to pandemic conditions and grapple with a changing social, economic, political, and racial landscape, a return to our previous status quo is unlikely. Moonshot Grants approach this reality as an opportunity, seeking ideas, collaborators, solutions, and innovations that both address existing challenges and anticipate new ones.

Round 2 proposals open June 7 are due by August 22. Those submitting an RFP are required to attend an informational workshop prior to submission. Workshops are scheduled for June 29, July 22, and August 5.