KnowledgeWorks is recruiting for a new position on their Strategic Foresight team.

The Director of Community Futures will contribute to K-12 education transformation by helping education stakeholders consider what they want for the future and how to get there. Working mainly in the context of KnowledgeWorks’ state- and district-level support for personalized, competency-based learning that aims to increase educational equity, this person will design and facilitate generative conversations about the future of learning. These conversations will help people working in and impacted by education systems explore future possibilities, examine their own priorities and describe their ideal ways forward. The Director of Community Futures will also contribute to publications exploring the future of learning, collaborate to align approaches across the organization and contribute to KnowledgeWorks’ thought leadership.

As part of the larger KnowledgeWorks team, this position will actively participate in our ongoing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice work. In partnership with Promise54, we are actively reflecting on and improving our internal culture, as well as growing our competencies to effectively engage in antiracist education systems change with our partners. Engaging in this work is an essential part of each team member’s personal professional development, external capability building, and contribution to the culture and work of KnowledgeWorks.