Pink flyer for Girl Gov Summer Leadership Academy. Two people, one Brown and one Black, with their fists in the air.

This information is for teen girls and femmes entering 9th – 12th grade in Fall of 2021.

The Women and Girls Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the 2021 GirlGov Summer Leadership Academy (GGSLA). GGSLA is a distinguished, pre-college program developed in partnership between the Women and Girls Foundation and the University of Pittsburgh. GGSLA is an opportunity for young teens entering 9th through 12th grade in Southwest PA who are interested in leadership, civics, and social justice to spend three weeks of their summer learning how to make a huge difference in their community, meet other passionate young women and femmes in their city, and have a ton of fun!

GGSLA will run from July 12th through July 30th. Due to Covid restrictions, this program will run as a hybrid including both in-person and on-line learning. On Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays participants will meet from 9:00-12:30 on Pitt’s campus, maintaining any social distance regulations as determined by the CDC. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, participants will meet online from 9:30-2:30, with breaks throughout the day.

GGSLA will include advocacy and leadership curriculum to explore and develop tangible and systemic solutions to issues of injustice and/or inequity identified by participating teens. As a part of this program, participants will receive workshops from University of Pittsburgh Faculty to learn how to analyze and use data to understand the root causes and effects of systemic inequalities. Teens will also participate in workshops and panels led by professional artists, advocates, and elected officials to explore policy level solutions. By the end of the program, each will have a developed action plan to return to their community and enact the change they want to see in the world. The school-year program, GirlGov, has trained over 1,000 young teens with the confidence, content knowledge, and expertise to become the next generation of leaders. GGSLA is the perfect program for teens who have always wanted to participate in GirlGov school-year program or are already a part of GirlGov and want a more intensive experience exploring civics, activism, and leading for social change. GGSLA is trans and non-binary inclusive.

Registration is now open! For more information on GGSLA deadlines, fees, registration, and scholarship applications go to:

Please do not hesitate to email directly at with any questions.