Project Zero (PZ) mini-courses are asynchronous (2-3 hrs/week) professional learning experiences that allow educators to practice what they are learning within their own context, receive feedback from both coaches and PZ researchers, and exchange ideas with other practitioners from around the world. 

Cultures of Thinking in Action Course Description:

During times of change, it is important to lean into shared values. Doing so helps educators to remain grounded and true to a vision of what a quality education looks and feels like…even as they are buffeted by the unknown forces of change and thrust into new modes of instructional delivery.

Building a classroom and school culture, whether online or at a distance, is more than merely instituting a set of practices.  As useful as practices like thinking routines, documentation, and effective questioning can be, culture runs deeper. Culture is built on values and beliefs and embedded in messaging. Thus, deep and lasting transformation must begin by embracing a set of beliefs about teaching, learning, and schooling. In this mini-course, PZ will explore the 10 principles used in the Cultures of Thinking project to drive action. These principles motivate and guide actions and provide the touchstones educators need to create places where thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted.  The course will look at the research behind these principles and the actions and data that can be used to move education forward, in whatever teaching and learning environments the future holds.