The YMAP program is a long-running partnership between the Carlow University Center for Youth Media Advocacy and Saturday Light Brigade. YMAP empowers teens to express their own voices, particularly on education reform and improving the school environment, through the identification and analysis of problems and the creation and distribution of media to advocate for change. YMAP links youth organizing, pedagogy, and media advocacy to support youth to create positive change in their schools and communities. 

The annual YMAP Idea Exchange & Showcase is an opportunity for YMAP students and Carlow mentors to showcase their media advocacy projects, get feedback from supporters, and learn about relevant community resources. This year, the YMAP program will be showcasing their Virtual YMAP Youth Internship Cohort’s audio documentaries on a range of education justice topics. ⁣Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the teens and provide feedback on their ideas to inform future advocacy work.⁣ 

This event includes youth organizer Benjamin Gutschow of Casa San José as keynote speaker.⁣