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We ARE (Antiracist Educators) is a cohort-based approach to growing into antiracist leaders, recognizing that this work is most successful when done in community. “We ARE – Leaders and Learners” is a five-week workshop series designed for superintendents, principals, instructional coaches, school board members, and others in school leadership positions. Participants will develop a lexicon, create habits, and generate dynamic practices as leaders in education creating an anti-racist future. By exploring personal identity through critical reflection, we will examine how we are present in systems of oppression and how we can best act as anti-racist change agents. This series is designed from the perspective of white educators working to dismantle the inherent racism in our education system, though all are welcome to join.


  • Co-create a community of leaders in education who strive to be anti-racist
  • Build knowledge of how systemic racism is present in our schools, districts, and communities
  • Take action to effect change

Session themes will be:

  • Identity and Context
  • Legacy of Race in Education
  • Explicit, Implicit, Null Curriculum and Race
  • From Surviving to Thriving
  • Sustaining an Antiracist Community


MaryLu Hutchins, Ed.D., NBCT, is the Director of Education with Teach While Learning in co-design partnership with accomplished teaching practitioners. 

Jessica Kaminsky, MAT, is the co-founder of Better Questions Consulting and Director of the Fluency Project of Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab.

Jordan Mroziak, Ed.D., is the co-founder of Better Questions Consulting and the Director of Community Engagement at Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab.

J. Spenser Darden, MA, is the founder and chief galvanizer of Next Generation Inclusion and Director of Diversity Initiatives & Community Engagement at West Virginia University.

We ARE is a partnership of Better Questions, LLC and Teach While Learning, LLC. This event is made possible at a reduced cost through the generous support of Remake Learning.