Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania

The Mentoring Partnership (TMP) has received funding to work on a project called F.I.E.R.Y. – Finding and Igniting Enriching Relationships for Youth. This project is about equipping young people with the tools they need to cultivate supportive relationships within existing and new networks, both at school and in the community.

The vision of this project is to create a platform where students can initiate the process of engaging extra support, and in doing so, show them that their voice is valued and to enable them to use that voice to expand their own education and development.

Background research has been done on what’s out there and now TMP wants to hear from the community! By joining one of TMP’s focus groups, folks can share their thoughts as caring adults. There are several several date and time slots for these focus groups, so everyone is able to pick the one that works best!  Click here to register.

*To register, individuals must be 18 years or older. Please note that all focus group sessions will be recorded for TMP’s own internal reference purposes. By registering, individuals give their consent to be recorded as part of the session.