Part of flyer for Talking Black In America Event. Blue and gold theme.
University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development P.R.I.D.E (Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education) program proudly presents a screening of 2017’s documentary film “Talking Black in America,” followed by a live panel discussion moderated by Aisha White, Ph.D., Director, The P.R.I.D.E. Program. Door Prizes and educational and community resources will be available for attendees.
“Talking Black in America” is the first documentary feature ever on African-American Vernacular English and Varieties (AAVE). Filmed across the United States, this documentary is a revelation of language as legacy, identity and triumph over adversity. The creativity and resilience of people living through oppression, segregation and the fight for equality, and the powerful identity forged by a shared heritage are all expressed in the ways African Americans communicate. “Talking Black in America” reveals the incredible impact that the most controversial and misunderstood language variety in the history of American English has had on American life and language.
  • Dr. Shelome Gooden is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh and is Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research for the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Related Fields. Her research focuses mainly on language contact, intonation and prosody in Creole languages and combines sociolinguistic and laboratory phonology methods for collecting fieldwork data. Recent publications include African American Language in Pittsburgh and the Lower Susquehanna Valley; In the Fisherman’s Net. Language Contact in a sociolinguistics context; and Language ideologies and shifting boundaries: A case study.
  • Dr. Lisa Pickett is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher with a Doctorate Degree in Leadership and Administration, K-12 School Principal Certification, Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education. She currently serves as the English Department Director at the Pittsburgh School for the Creative and Performing Arts, CEO/Founder of L Education Consulting, and CEO/Founder of L Apparel and Print Creations. Specialties include communications, writing, African American Literature, African American History, African American cultural awareness, race-based trauma interventions, student/teacher soft skills, mediation, female empowerment, and secondary education. 


  • Ms. Tiffany Whittington is a Michigan State University Alumni, serving on a scholarship grant with the Fulbright Exchange Program in Taipei City, Taiwan, working as a co-teacher in an elementary level classroom, teaching English, a cultural ambassador, and participating in various cross-cultural activities. Tiffany aims to make a difference in her communities through teaching. As a Black woman and educator, she is an advocate for AAVE, as it is a part of her own culture and identity, and believes AAVE needs to be recognized and incorporated into language classrooms across the world.