Chatham University Eden Hall Campus

This month, learn more about community development (especially housing and transit) and its connections to ability justice, and age justice. Then, join a discussion group with other attendees. Open to all!

This is an experimental study group that doesn’t have one shared book. However, here are just a few suggestions to get started:

  • Choose a selection of articles or videos related to community development, ability and age justice
  •  Read the book Disability Visibility, edited by Alice Wong, or The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America by Alan Mallach
  •  Read the Youth Voice Best Practices Toolkit from Remake Learning

The group reading this month is more about how decisions on planning, especially related to transit and housing, disproportionately impacts individuals oppressed by their age or ability status, as well as by race, class and other identities. Attendees can choose to read more about community development and intersectional social impacts by citizenship, gender, class, race, religion, sexuality or any other identity.

Come prepared to talk about:

  • What did you read, watch or listen to this month to increase your personal learning?
  •  How are you now taking action (or committing to taking action) based on what you learned?