Chatham University Eden Hall Campus

This month, Chatham University’s Intergenerational Panel series is focusing on the intersection between community development (especially transit and housing), ability justice, and age justice. Come hear a group of powerful intergenerational leaders share their work and the ways they think about systems change. This event is open for all ages to attend. High schoolers, middle schoolers and younger students that are passionate about this topic are very welcome to register and participate, as well as adults.

Can’t attend the live event but want to submit a question for the panelists and then watch the recording? Submit questions here:


Tiffany Taulton, Director of Community Initiatives, Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.

Tiffany Taulton is the Director of Community Initiatives for the Hazelwood Initiative, a community development corporation located in Hazelwood–one of Pittsburgh’s most racially diverse neighborhoods. In her role, Tiffany oversees community engagement, communications, and grants with an eye towards strengthening equity and inclusivity in the development process. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management from the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University and a particular interest in preparing low-income and communities of color for climate change.

Gil Isaac Gabriel, 12th grader, City Charter High School

Isaac is a senior at City Charter High School, where he serves as president of the National Honor Society. In his free time, he volunteers with Pittsburghers for Public Transit where he is also a Communications Committee member. In the committee, they are currently working on a video to push Port Authority to provide free or reduced fares for riders who also receive food assistance. In the future, Isaac is looking to become a city planner and work to make cities better for everyone in several ways. For example, he wants to make transit more accessible, reliable, efficient, so it is an attractive alternative to driving, reducing car-dependency that causes congestion and more greenhouse gas emissions. But for now, he’s just excited to graduate high school!

Brittany Reno, Council President, Sharpsburg Borough

Brittany Reno, Council President of Sharpsburg Borough, has been active in Sharpsburg’s equitable revitalization efforts since moving to the community in 2013. Passionate about community planning and engagement, she has worked with neighbors to plan projects to improve the quality of life in Sharpsburg since she founded Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization in 2014 and became its full-time executive director in 2016. Prior to working in Sharpsburg, Reno completed two terms of service in the AmeriCorps Public Allies program, through which she worked with Allegheny County youth aging out of the foster care system. She then worked to support nonprofit programming for people with disabilities, youth, and Veterans by coordinating fundraising e?fforts for Goodwill of Southwestern PA. Reno is the former chair of CONNECT (the Congress of Neighboring Communities), a current board officer of the Tri-COG Land Bank, and a current board member of the Cooper-Siegel Community Library system. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied Media & Professional Communications with a concentration in Corporate & Community Relations, and is currently pursuing a Master of Sustainability degree with a focus on sustainable urban and community planning at Chatham University.

Jeremiah Davis, Chatham student (moderator)

Jeremiah is a first year student at Chatham. He is majoring in Sustainability in Urban Energy and Cities track. He hopes to have a future career in community development and public service. He has interned in the Office of Councilman Lavelle and worked on many projects serving the people of District Six. He was Pittsburgh Promise Ambassador for 2019-2020 informing his peers about the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship and their post secondary options. He is also a 2020 American Eagle Executive Scholar through the Pittsburgh Promise Executive Scholar program. He cares deeply about his community, public service, the earth, and social justice in all forms.

Herb Bailey, Executive Director, Uncommon Grounds Cafe