Everyday Engineering logo with light blue background, sun, flying blue bird, a carrot, red apple, clock, an icon of a heart with vital line, a green bike, bottle of water, dumbbell, a glass of orange juice with straw, and a lush tree.

The CMU College of Engineering would like to invite students in grades 6-8 to Everyday Engineering — a virtual event with the intent to demonstrate that engineering is all around.  Everyday Engineering’s goal is to get middle school students thinking about their environments with more curious eyes. From everyday items from sporting equipment to food and beyond, Everyday Engineering wants students to ask:

– “What problem does this solve?”

– “Who has the problem?”

– “Why is it important to solve the problem?”

 – “What types of engineering were used to solve the problem?”

Everyday Engineering will have an introductory presentation about the wide range of engineering disciplines followed by a series of virtual exhibits led by CMU undergraduate and graduate students.

All Participants must be registered to attend. The Zoom link will be provided in the registration confirmation email.