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As part of their Bridging Communities Series, is hosting “BUILDing a Campus Without Walls: A conversation on the power of public schools and technology to promote greater equity, access, opportunity, and liberation for all students”. This is an opportunity to learn more about the current state of public education in America and how attendees can help not only address the challenges brought on by the pandemic, but also leverage this time to drive lasting social change.

You are invited to a join a conversation with BUILD CEO Ayele Shakur and Boston Public School High School Superintendent Dr. Lindsa McIntyre to learn more about the future of education and how a cross-sector network of 40+ education leaders have come together to drive systems-level change to advance racial and economic equity by building a Campus Without Walls*. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and school closures have exacerbated the inequities that plague our current education system. While the lives of all students, parents, and educators have been upended by the closures, their challenges look vastly different from community to community. Even before this crisis, public schools operated in silos that are still largely segregated by race and class. The pandemic has highlighted an urgent need for improved access to technology and engaging, culturally relevant digital content specifically designed to support students of color in under-resourced communities.  

Questions that will be considered: How do we work together to leverage technology and entrepreneurial thinking to turn the current crisis into opportunity? How do we reimagine education to promote greater equity, access, and opportunity for all students so they are prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world during COVID and beyond?