TRETC Next Level EdTech logo with blue, white, and dark blue theme. Lightbulb is on the left with various white, blue, and purple icons making up the inside and outline of the bulb.

The Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC) is a professional development opportunity to advance the field in the integration of educational technology for teachers, K-12 administrators, industry experts, and higher education decision makers in the Pittsburgh region.

TRETC, this year in a virtual setting, will deliver:
•    a network of peers
•    the choice of 15 professional development sessions
•    a digital notebook of ideas to enhance your instructional strategies
•    a panel of local authors during your lunch break
•    an administrator round table discussion featured on Business as Usual
•    a closing ceremony honoring select teacher and administrator finalists for the TRETC Innovation in Education Award.

The theme for TRETC 2021 is, “Next Level EdTech! Empowering Educators to Take EdTech to the Next Level”. TRETC qualifies for Act 48.