As the new school year marked by uncertainty approaches, educators around the county are exploring teaching in new creative and innovative ways! They are providing new opportunities for students to collaborate remotely, fostering deep connections with students, families, and caregivers, and continuously developing their own craft while supporting others in their larger school communities.

OnRamp Grants for Remote Learning are grants of up to $2,500 awarded by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit to support the efforts of educators in developing opportunities for their students to engage in joyful and creative learning during the 2020-2021 school year. OnRamp Grants for Remote Learning can be used to purchase technology, subscriptions, classroom supplies, or anything else that will spark creativity and inquiry among students in a joyful way.


September 21: Grant proposal opened for Round 1
October 12: Proposals due for Round 1
October 27: Round 1 Grantees Announced

January 4: Grant proposal opened for Round 2
January 18: Proposals due for Round 2
February 1: Round 2 Grantees Announced

Funding Priorities:
1. Increase opportunities for joyful and creative learning, especially for students who might experience particular hardships or obstacles due to school disruptions
2. Develop and implement instruction that is engaging, empowering, and equitable, addressing new challenges in creative and innovative ways
3. Improve in-class practices
4. Help families become “learning allies”

Any educator from AIU’s 42 member districts, Pittsburgh Public Schools, or brick & mortar charter schools located in Allegheny County is eligible to apply. No more than 1 grant will be awarded per applicant.