South Fayette Township School District

TITLE: Assistant to the Superintendent for Secondary Education

DEADLINE: 4:00 PM, December 8, 2020

REPORTS TO: Superintendent


The Assistant to the Superintendent for Secondary Education is responsible for assisting the Superintendent substantially and effectively in the task of providing leadership in executing the mission and vision of the South Fayette Township School District.  The primary focus of the position is in developing, achieving, and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services for the South Fayette Township School District.

Assistant to the Superintendent will facilitate leadership in the planning, implementation and coordination of all District programs and services 6-12 including, but not limited to, the curriculum development, integration, and assessment.

Experience as an educational leader with demonstrated leadership abilities and interpersonal skills necessary to bring about meaningful change is required.  Demonstrated competencies in staff development, program planning, supervision skills in leadership, curriculum development and instruction, conflict resolution, and management.

The position entails intricate knowledge of instruction that necessitates teaching, administration, building level administration and central office experiences.


  1. Possess 5 or more years of experience in secondary education and/or central administration.
  2. Possess and utilize curriculum knowledge.
  3. Possess evidence of ongoing professional development or educational experience.
  4. Possess and utilize outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Possess technology literacy.
  6. Valid Pennsylvania administrative certificate.
  7. Curriculum Supervisor certification preferred.
  8. Possess Pennsylvania Letter of Eligibility preferred.
  9. Possess/Desired earned doctorate/doctoral candidate.
  10. Possess evidence of outstanding Leadership Skills.


  1. To assure each student has been provided with opportunities to meet the academic standards set forth by the District.
  2. To assist the Superintendent in carrying out the mission and vision of the South Fayette Township School District.
  3. To assist the Superintendent in providing leadership and supervision of directors, principals, subject area supervisors/department chairs/lead teachers, and staff.
  4. To carry out responsibilities in accordance with the District’s policies, procedures, and applicable laws.


  1. Responsible for guiding, developing, implementing, and evaluating the curriculum, instruction, and assessment services.
  2. Responsible for assisting in the coordination of all District budgets and for developing and managing the sections of the District budget that pertain to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and staff development.
  3. Responsible for serving as an active and contributing member of the leadership team.
  4. Responsible for keeping abreast of educational developments that focus on curriculum and instruction, and furnish leadership in determining their appropriateness for inclusion in the District educational program.
  5. Responsible for assisting in the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and assigning of instructional personnel.
  6. Responsible for guiding, developing, implementing, and evaluating the pre-service and in-service training programs for professional personnel including the Teacher Induction and Mentoring Programs.
  7. Responsible for communicating the approved curriculum to the professional staff and maintains a list of approved instructional materials.
  8. Responsible for working with building principals in evaluating the professional staff and ensuring all individuals are performing to the standard of excellence identified by the District.
  9. Responsible for working with principals and teacher committees in organizing and coordinating grade level and departmental meetings, in order to effect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of the instructional program throughout the District.
  10. Responsible for directing the creation of and edits for publication (online) of all curriculum guides and materials prepared by and to be distributed among the instructional staff.
  11. Responsible for maintaining a current curriculum manual to show graduation requirements, approved courses, credit allowed, and any pertinent information useful to students and staff.
  12. Responsible for providing professional curriculum resources for staff use.
  13. Responsible for selecting, previewing, evaluating, and disseminating relevant professional materials.
  14. Responsible for partnering with teachers to employ new strategies in the classroom.
  15. Responsible for overseeing that all professional staff have appropriate teacher certification and are properly assigned and evaluated in each school building.
  16. Responsible for assuming responsibility for reviewing and evaluating results of District wide testing programs and for other evaluative measures used by the schools, including but not limited to PSSAs and Keystones.
  17. Responsible for preparing District wide data for staff in a user friendly version and shares trends, patterns, and strategies for analyzing data at a building and classroom level.
  18. Responsible for training staff on data management tools to analyze and review data on student performance at all building levels.
  19. Responsible for studying and evaluating, and, as appropriate, recommending adoption of new instructional materials, textbooks, methods, and programs, and assists in budget preparation for newly approved instructional programs as related to instructional supplies, textbooks, equipment, and materials.
  20. Responsible for assuming a leadership role in developing curriculum for any course newly mandated by the legislature or the Board.
  21. Responsible for interpreting the curriculum and its philosophy to the Board, the administration, the staff, and the general public.
  22. Responsible for maintaining a liaison role and active participation with educational leaders in curriculum, instruction, and assessment at regional, state, and national levels; participates in the study of curriculum development with local, county, and state committees.
  23. Responsible for consulting with building administrators, technology team, and teachers to plan and implement technology infusion and future-focused learning into the curriculum.
  24. Responsible for supervising the operation of the District staff development programs including the Act 48 Program.
  25. Responsible for acting as a resource to all District personnel.
  26. Responsible for organizing a plan for after school tutoring and/or summer school to include designing the curriculum, acquiring the staff, and scheduling the students in the program in consultation with appropriate members of the administration, faculty, and staff.
  27. Responsible for establishing a substitute teacher training program for the District and conducts scheduled training programs throughout the year.
  28. Responsible for designing, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating a Teacher Induction Program that correlates with the PDE regulations to ensure all new teachers meet competencies as identified in the regulations of the State Board of Education of Pennsylvania.
  29. Responsible for preparing and administering the after school tutoring and /or summer school operating budget.
  30. Responsible for writing grants and then upon receipt, coordinating, implementing and preparing all required reports for the grant to comply with the regulations of the program.
  31. Responsible for continuing to grow professionally through activities such as study of current professional literature and participation in local, county, regional, and state meetings and conferences.
  32. Responsible for performing tasks and assuming responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent.
  33. Responsible for representing the Superintendent, in his or her absence, at local, regional, and state meetings.
  34. Responsible for attending Board of Education meetings.
  35. Responsible for technology initiatives oversight and implementations.
  36. Works with staff to promote and integrate inquiry or project-based learning opportunities within the curriculum to engage students more deeply in their learning experiences.


Twelve (12) month position-Salary, work schedule and other conditions of employment are to be in accordance with the agreement between the South Fayette Township Board of Education. Salary and benefits will be as set forth in the negotiated employment agreement based on the current Act 93 Agreement.  Length of work year and hours of employment shall be established by the District.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policies on evaluation of personnel.  The Assistant to the Superintendent for Secondary Education reports directly to the Superintendent.