Teachers! Are you interested in a free one-hour, interactive guest lecture on energy sources and children’s health for your middle- or high school students?

The Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN), a national nonprofit that has been the leading voice for children’s environmental health for nearly 30 years, has developed this free guest lecture to help augment your climate change lesson plans. Our presentation will bring home the relevance of energy sources to children’s health.

Course name: Energy Sources, the Environment & Children’s Health

Students will learn: Students will come away:

  • How children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental hazards and climate change
  • About U.S. energy sources, and the distinction of clean & renewable sources
  • About environmental injustice and health inequities associated with energy sources
  • About tips and resources for taking action to promote clean energy or to pursue clean energy careers

Science based: CEHN has a long history of translating science for multiple audiences, and is guided by a Board of Directors and a Science Advisory Committee composed of leading pediatric environmental health scientists. This course was developed by environmental health professionals based upon the latest scientific findings as well as upon years of mounting evidence.

Evidence of knowledge gain: CEHN will administer a pre and post test to assess knowledge gain from the presentation, and will share the results with you. A couple of additional post-test questions will assess students’ likelihood to take action on clean energy promotion, as well.

Request NOW for a live presentation: The first 3 respondents will receive a live presentation scheduled sometime before December 8, 2020. A pre-recorded presentation will be provided to additional respondents through the 2020-2021 school year.

Email Kristie Trousdale at kristiet@cehn.org.