The National Rural Education Association (NREA)’s annual convention and research symposium will be virtual experience taking place November 12–13, 2020.

This year’s convention will be different because the world is different. Rural communities are different. Over the past few months, the NREA has seen extraordinary alternative learning experiences, as well as significant educational access and equity challenges.

Some aspects of the event will remain the same:

  • Attendees will still be able to connect with a diverse community of national experts, K–12 and higher education practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to learn, collaborate, and lead 21st century learning across rural America
  • The National Forum to Advance Rural Education will be hosted again by the NREA and Battelle for Kids

Some things will be different:

  • A virtual platform will enable broader, more diverse networking and active engagement around critical issues related to the social, health, and economic impact of COVID-19
  • This year’s event will not take place in Indianapolis as originally planned; it will be an innovative two-day virtual experience, connecting attendees with rural partners across the country in new, and perhaps more powerful ways
  • This year’s event theme is Recovery, Renewal, and Resilience: 21st Century Education in Rural America