Debralyn Woodberry-Shaw and Marialexia Zaragoza, both 2nd year Ph.D. students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Edu, are currently participating in Social Justice in Higher Education Settings class. For their final project, they’ve been tasked with applying course concepts in a practical setting. The idea is to provide a workshop for educators (e.g., teachers, guidance counselors, out-of-school time program staff, recruiters) that work with high school students of color as they are transitioning to postsecondary.

Through their Social Justice in Higher Education Settings class, they’ve learned the history of oppression and how it is manifested in postsecondary institutional contexts; and have begun to discuss potential ways to address oppression in those spaces. Debralyn and Marialexia are hoping to share a little of what they’ve learned so that other educators can pass the information on to students for the purpose of liberating high school students of color. The goal is for educators to create a social justice-based action plan to support their high school students of color as they consider and decide on their postsecondary plans.

The workshop will be held via Zoom on November 5, 2020 2:00-3:30p ET.