This month, Chatham University is focusing on the intersection between food systems and racial justice. Come hear five powerful leaders share their work and the ways they think about systems change. This event is open to all ages to attend! High school, middle school, and grade school students that are passionate about this topic are welcome to register and participate.

Can’t attend the live event but want to submit a question for the panelists and then watch the recording? Submit your question here:

Social and environmental issues are deeply intertwined. Many of the biggest impacts of climate change, pollution, resource scarcity, and food insecurity are felt by those that are most marginalized. Meanwhile, many environmental movements and organizations continue to be led by those who hold the most resources, wealth, and opportunity in society. Join us for a year of deeper learning.

Please note: every event will not focus on both the social and the environmental issues for the month. This series will help make new connections between social and environmental issues in ways the speakers (or you) may not have thought about before. More information on the whole social justice and sustainability series: