In 2019, Remake Learning and HundrED worked together to spotlight 12 organizations in the greater Pittsburgh region. Lasse Leponiemi, co-founder and executive director of HundrED, now joins us as part of “Tomorrow.”

Together, we’ll explore:

  • How can schools learn? We help students to learn new things daily, but what kind of practices help schools as a whole to strive and get better?
  • Are we obsessed with data? What is big data and small data – and do they help us anyway to understand student well-being?
  • Why do innovations matter? We are often asked to be innovative when budgets are cut and things are difficult – how can we cope with the business language and find pedagogically sound solutions to make things better?

About Lasse

Lasse Leponiemi is co-founder and executive director of non-profit organization HundrED, which is identifying impactful and scalable education innovations worldwide. The organization has reviewed over 5000 educational innovations from 120 countries since 2016. They select annually a hundred inspiring innovations to their Global Collection which draws the attention of education providers and investors. In addition to being excited about the trends and innovations in education, Lasse is passionate about the youth’s future orientation and he walks the talk – he is a chairman of the biggest mentoring NGO in Finland helping unemployed youth to find a place to work.

This conversation will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube. RSVP to the Facebook event to receive an update when we go live!