Arts as a Voice for Social Justice can be a means to generate awareness and can be a catalyst to engage the youth to take action around a social issue. Many artists create work that intersects with social justice causes. Throughout history, art has been used as an accessible tool for communication, raising awareness about social issues and affecting positive change.

The Rural Arts Collaborative art education projects have given thousands of students a creative voice to help them grow with their own ideas – hopefully a new way of thinking, seeing, being, and doing which can impact how they understand social justice.

Participating RAC Artists:
Glynis Board – WV Public Broadcasting
Michele de la Reza- Attack Theatre PA
Rebecca Kiger – WV
Hiromi Katayama – PA
Michael McKowen & Peggy McKowen
Contemporary American Theatre Festival -WV

James Moore – WV
Michele Sabol – PA
Sam Turich – Bricolage PA

Please join us as an audience. Space is limited to 1000 guests.