You and your family are in the middle of what is already an unprecedented start to the school year, not to mention all we experienced last spring. You’re processing lessons already learned, adjusting to new ways of preparing your kids and often figuring it out for yourselves.
A lot of us are asking…So Now What?

The So Now What? virtual series brings the country’s leading experts in education and childhood development, including PBS Kids, Common Sense Media, Learning Heroes and UPMC Children’s Hospital, together with parents and caregivers to share and learn from one another. We will cover a range of topics specific to this moment in time, including social emotional wellness, mental health, learning resources, communication, tech safety and much more.

For this webinar, join us for a comprehensive overview of the most useful and well-liked PBS programs, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and media tools. Explore materials on social and emotional wellness for young children in this fast-paced session that integrates games with books, apps, and videos, while connecting home to school and back. Find out what’s new and explore the many ways in which PBS Kids naturally embeds best practices and rich content into a broad range of programs. This webinar is intended for Pre K- 3rd grade parents.

Together we will navigate the start to this new, uncharted school year, and make plans for what comes next, no matter what tomorrow brings.