What’s civic engagement? What does this look like for students? How do we do this work through remote learning?

This professional development workshop for high school educators breaks down the concept of civic engagement and provides strategies to collaborate remotely with students on creative projects that empower them to get involved in the issues that matter most to them.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to tap into student creativity to support civic engagement. Taking Action Beyond the Ballot draws on CUP’s almost 20 years of deep collaboration with high school students to investigate complex social justice issues that directly impact their neighborhoods. CUP created this workshop to provide educators with effective, fun, and creative strategies to incorporate civic engagement into their teaching.

Taking Action Beyond the Ballot, led by CUP’s Youth Education Team, is specifically for educators working with high school students. Participants will leave with tools and strategies to support student civic engagement through remote learning activities and with greater confidence in their ability to collaborate with students to take action on issues that directly impact their communities.

Registration fees for this workshop help support CUP’s work with students from Title 1 high schools across New York City and beyond. Space is limited! Register today!