Join WQED for a screening of an episode from Portrayal & Perception of African American Men & Boys along with a virtual professional development session with Dr. Nikole Y. Hollins-Sims, the statewide lead for equitable practices in partnership with the office of safe schools for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The journey towards equity in schools begins by unpacking power, privilege, and bias in the process of self-awareness. This session will focus on implicit bias, which is often manifested in disproportionate outcomes for students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, and students of low-income families.

About The Episode:

The Next Generation

Though statistics and attitudes may show a slight narrowing of America’s racial divide, the highly-charged racial incidents in Missouri, New York, and South Carolina tell another story. They talk not only with community and law enforcement leaders, but with the generation of young men whose lives are most affected – examining accomplishments and objectives that remain.