Tech Suite at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild

Starting August 3-7, from 1-2 pm each day, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild will be hosting the following workshops that are open to students and the public:

  • August 3rd, Introduction to Mindfulness, led by MCG Summer Interns, Akriti Mishra, Elliot Rouse, and Derrick Wallace: Equip yourself with tools to reduce stress and increase resilience in this workshop that will introduce participants to mindfulness practices.
  • August 4th, Design Your Future, Led by MCG Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sam Rapp: Design your future and self-actualize your college and/or career goals throughexploration activities and receive individualized feedback about next steps you can take to make it happen!
  • August 5th, Ask Us Anything (all day) Led by MCG Summer Interns and Sam Rapp: Need to get connected with a resource or opportunity? Emailsrapp@manchesterbidwell.orgor attend the Zoom session, 1-2 pm. We’ll do our best to connect you with an organization or individual that may be able to help. Topics include, but are not limited to: mental health, job shadowing, career development, financial aid assistance, food insecurity, etc.
  • August 6th, Look Good Feel Good, Led by Chi Ilochi of“Styling by Chi”: This workshop will teach participants about the positive impact your personal style can have on your mental and emotional wellbeing, while teaching you new fun ways to style yourselves! You’ll leave with a newfound understanding of your personal style and with healthier coping mechanisms for your mental health.
  • August 7th, Coping with 2020, Led by Emily Barber, MA Psychology Student at Carlow University: Emily will be working with MCG for ~8 hours per week through the fall. Get to know her, as she leads us through a workshop designed to identify different ways to manage stress. As a community, we will learn how to support one another!


Open to all ages. All participants under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to complete a consent form in order to be on camera for these live, Zoom engagements.  Once you complete the registration, a consent form will be sent to your parent/guardian for verification and Zoom links will be emailed out.

***And note, all participants will receive a specially-designed Mind Your Mind t-shirt which we will deliver to you.

For each workshop you attend, you’ll also receive 1 raffle ticket in order to compete for a free subscription to Headspace AND a $25 gift card***


If you have any questions, please email Sam Rapp at srapp (at) manchesterbidwell(dot) org.


We hope to see many faces ready and willing to Mind Your Mind!