Coronavirus Response

As coronavirus impacts communities across the world, many schools are moving quickly to remote/online teaching. During this challenging time, CMU CS Academy is a free resource that is providing daily webinars for educators interested in learning more.

Course Offerings

CS1: The flagship year-long high school course includes 120 hours of instruction and is a robust introduction to programming in Python through graphics and animations. This course is only available to educators with teacher accounts.

CS0: A light version of our CS1 course designed to engage and excite future CS1 students. It includes about forty hours of instruction and is intended for middle school, out-of-school programs, and summer camp settings. This course is available for both mentor and teacher accounts.

Webinar Schedule

Intro to CS Academy – Mondays – Wednesdays at 1pm EDT
CS0 Overview – Mondays at 4pm EDT
CS1 Overview – Tuesdays at 4pm EDT
Remote Learning Pedagogy – Wednesdays at 4pm ED
There is no registration required for the webinars. Sign up to gain access.