This past year, The Citizen Science Lab partnered with the RK Mellon Foundation and the Amgen Foundation to bring the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) to the Pittsburgh region. The next ABE program cycle starts in July 2020.

 The ABE program is a 3-day intensive training that provides middle and high school science teachers with the opportunity to bring cutting edge biotechnology concepts to their classroom, hands-on, instructional biotechnology curriculum, and personalized mentoring so that teachers can prepare students for STEM careers which bolster the country’s STEM-related economies. Teachers will be provided with an “ABE classroom kit” filled with lab-grade equipment and supplies, as well as ongoing technical support from the Citizen Science Lab. All training, materials, and support are provided at no charge. With the successful completion of the training sessions and implementation of the ABE curriculum in the classroom, teachers may be eligible to receive Act 48 credits* and a participation stipend of $500. 

*Teachers should follow up with their administrator, Act 48 credits require a letter from their principal or school district stating that they will accept the credits.